Once you purchased the Orange Grandstand tickets you can order the Orange Grandstand Polo or Female Tanktop free-of-charge thanks to our partner Pro Liquid. The female tanktop(s) and/or polo shirt(s) will be ready for collection before the Singapore Grand Prix.


You can collect the item(s) during Dutch Drinks Singapore event on Friday 21 August 2019. For news and updates about the Orange Grandstand Package and the collection locations and dates check News or follow Facebook: Orange Grandstand

Order merchandise

Happy that you order your FREE Shirt now! You get 1 shirt per Orange Grandstand ticket you purchased. If you have ordered more than 1 ticket per order (max. of 8 tickets per order) you need to fill in all the sizes of the maximum 8 shirts in below form that belongs to that order/transaction number.

Please take note that you can order the shirts till 30 June 2020.

NOTE: Pay attention to write the exact Transaction Number, personal details and sizes in order to get the shirts before you submit.

F1 Orange Grandstand