Orange Grandstand | Singapore GP 2023

With the slogan ‘Support to the Max’ we have the Orange Grandstand during Singapore Grand Prix similar to the ‘Oranje Tribunes’ in Hongaria and Austria. The Orange Grandstand is more than watching a race. It is all about atmosphere, fun and supported by events like parties, Orange merchandise…2022 will surprise you!

For who?

A party is as fun as the people that join it. Orange Grandstand is for everyone who loves Formula One in general, Max specific or just wants to enjoy the vibe of this Orange collective!

About the Grandstand

This cosy Grandstand give you great access to the race. You can almost touch the tarmac and able to see the cars braking to tackle the curves right in front of you before speeding up to pass through the famous Anderson-Bridge arch. We can look forward to closer racing and potential overtaking opportunities on track!

Orange @ Empress Grandstand ticket holders can look forward to closer on-track racing. Situated between Turns 11 and 12 right in the heart of Singapore’s historical Civic District and close proximity to the Padang Stage where the main performances will be held.

All seats will have the similar great view on the race.

Tickets Orange @ Empress Grandstand 

The tickets cut two ways, three ways to be precise: you can dip into the atmosphere of the Orange collective. The seats you purchase via Singapore GP will give you access to the Orange @ Empress Grandstand, Zone 4 and is close to Padang Stage. Register for the newsletter below and stay updated for the latest news!

Who is the organizer?

The Orange Grandstand Package is a non-commercial package. Main objective is social networking. The Orange Grandstand Team offers the Orange Grandstand Package with partner Pro Liquid and supported by the Singapore Grand Prix, Dutch Drinks Singapore and ADB-DutchCham.

Orange Grandstand is an introducer and promote the sale of the tickets to the prospective ticket purchasers via the ticketing link and enrich your ticket purchase with the Orange Grandstand Package, which can be, events and merchandise. Please follow the latest news about ticketing T&C, safety measurements and more at FAQ via Singapore GP.

The tickets will be purchased directly via the ticketing link of Singapore GP website. With the purchase of the tickets you will have an agreement with Singapore GP Pte Ltd, the official organizer of the FORMULE 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX.

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